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1926 Cigarrillos Plus Ultra: Natalio Perinetti

Natalio Perinetti was a skillful right wing forward that played the majority of his career at Racing Club and won 12 titles with the club. His career with Racing spanned 17 years. He is considered to be one of the greatest pre-WWII Argentinian footballers and considered one of the greatest Racing Club players of all time. He captained Racing Club through its early golden era of the late 1910s and early 1920s.

 He was a main part of the era of Racing Club dominance where the team was simply referred to as "La Academia"

At 14 years of age he signed for Racing Club and at the age of 16, Perinetti made his debut for the first team in 1917. During the 1920s he was pivotal to the success of Racing Club at the domestic and international level. This era was known as the era of amateurism in Argentine football. Huracan was dominating the AFA (official) league, meanwhile Racing Club was dominating the AAMF (amateur dissident) league. The quality of play between the two leagues was equal and the founding members of this league included River Plate, Racing, and Independiente. AFA considers these titles as official after the 1926 merger of the two leagues.

For Argentina, he was capped 7 times from 1923-1930. He played in the 1929 Copa America eventually becoming champion, and was part of the 1930 World Cup squad that would finish as runners-up.

5x Primera Division (AAMF)

2x Copa Rioplatense

1x Copa America
1930 World Cup Runner-Up

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