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1926 Cigarrillos Plus Ultra: Juan Pratto

Juan Pratto is one of the greatest Argentinian left backs from the pre-war era. In 1920, Pratto made his debut for Huracan in 1920 and won his first league title in 1921. Pratto and Huracan would also go on to win the league in 1922, 1925 and 1928. Pratto also became a Copa Argentina champion in 1925 with Huracan.

Juan Pratto is considered an idol of Club Atletico Huracan with his role and presence in the clubs first golden era in the 1920s. When professionalism began to hit the Argentinian game, Juan Pratto made the move to Genova alongside Huracan teammate Guillermo Stabile.

For the national team, Juan Pratto would only make 1 appearance during the era of Amateurism in the 1920s.

Unfortunately, Juan Pratto would pass away at the young age of 36 in 1939.

5x Primera Division (AFA)
1x Copa Argentina

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