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2004 Mundi Cromo Liga - Lionel Messi

This Mundi Cromo card is the first card that was ever made for Lionel Messi as a professional footballer. This is a sought after card that has significant meaning in the soccer card hobby.

This card was produced as a part of the 2004-05 season where Messi was looking likely to be making a debut for Barcelona in the near future. In November of 2003 he made his debut in a friendly against Porto and his league debut was made on October 16, 2004.

This card depicts Messi on the ball and shows that he had played for the Barcelona B team in the 2003-04 season with 5 appearances. The downside of the 2004 Mundi Cromo card is that these cards are hard to find well centered. Fortunately I was able to find this one in an excellent centred state.

This card is not favoured like the Panini Megacracks issue for Messi, but this card is easily one of the most iconic cards available for the greatest footballer of all time.

This is a card that I absolutely plan on having in my collection for a very long time. It makes an excellent companion to my 1979 Panini Calciatori Maradona.

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