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1979 Panini Calciatori - Diego Maradona

This Panini Calciatori sticker is one of the earliest available cards available for Diego Maradona, and is the earliest Panini card/sticker made for Diego Maradona.

This card features Diego Maradona in the Argentina jersey as he represented Argentina in the 1979 U-20 World Cup in Japan. This card was included in the international footballers section of the 1979-80 Panini Calciatori sticker album that was distributed in Italy for Italian collectors.

Maradona in the Argentinian jersey is appealing because of what Maradona would go on to do for Argentina in his career. Maradona's performance at the U-20 World Cup was already enough to gain the World's attention.

This card can be quite tough to find in the higher grades (6 and above). This card will likely be one of the most important in the Maradona market in the coming years.

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