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1969 Importadores Peruanos "Idolos del Futbol Peruano" - Hector Chumpitaz

This sticker is from the "Idolos del Futbol Peruano" album that was produced in 1969 in anticipation of the 1970 FIFA World Cup. This album is considered one of the most important in the history of Peruvian collecting due to its nationwide distribution and beautiful portrait shots of players from the Peruvian first division.

This sticker features the legendary Hector Chumpitaz in the Peruvian uniform. This sticker is part of the page that features the entire Peruvian World Cup squad.

This sticker is not his rookie, but is still iconic and very hard to find in decent condition. This card is the first sticker depicting Chumpitaz in the Peruvian National Team.

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