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1969 Importadores Peruanos "Idolos del Futbol Peruano" - Cesar Cueto

This sticker is from the "Idolos del Futbol Peruano" album that was produced in 1969 in anticipation of the 1970 FIFA World Cup. This album is considered one of the most important in the history of Peruvian collecting due to its nationwide distribution and beautiful portrait shots of players from the Peruvian first division.

This sticker depicts Cesar Cueto in the Alianza Lima jersey where he begun his career. 1969 was the season where he began to make appearances in the squad. In this sticker Cesar Cueto is 17 years old.

Cesar Cueto would go on to become one of the greatest Peruvian footballers of all time and is widely regarded as the greatest Peruvian playmaker of all time. Cueto would spend time in Colombia and become an inspiration to a young Carlos Valderrama.

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