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1966 Ramirez y Espinar "Cracks del Futbol Mundial" - Hector Chumpitaz

The first ever sticker for the legendary Peruvian defender and captain, Hector Chumpitaz.

Chumpitaz debuted for Deportivo Municipal in 1964 in the second division, and at the age of 21 would make the transfer to Universitario in 1966 where he would play his first matches in the first division.

Chumpitaz would go on to be called up for the Peruvian national team and quickly became the captain that would lead Peru to the 1970, 1978, and 1982 World Cups, and would become Copa America champion in 1975.

This sticker from the 1966 Cracks Del Futbol Mundial album features a young Chumpitaz during his first season at Universitario.

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