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1958 A&BC Footballers - Robert "Bobby" Charlton

This card is from the 1958 A&BC Footballers set. These cards were included in packs of gum and distributed in England for young collectors to collect the most notable footballers in the Division 1. This set is one of the most iconic sets in the English card hobby, and it has become highly collectible due to the start that are included in this set.

This card is the most notable rookie for Bobby Charlton and depicts him in the Manchester United kit where he would go on to become one of, if not, their greatest footballer of all time. Bobby Charlton would go on to become a World Cup winner with England and a European Champion with Manchester United in 1958.

In a PSA 2, this card was quite affordable to purchase but what impressed me the most about this card was how under graded it was. The card looks a lot better than a PSA 2 in my eyes.

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