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1936 Nobleza de Tabacos "Leyes de Foot-Ball" - Bernabe Ferreyra

This card is from the 1936 Leyes de Football set that was issued in Argentina and included in packs of cigarettes. This set of cards includes iconic rookies such as Adolfo Pedernera and Jose Manuel Moreno. This set has proven to be extremely difficult to find. Finding a card in any condition is an achievement.

The back of the card from this set features a small description and image of football rules. These include penalty kicks, corner kicks, free kicks, throw-ins, and so on.

This card is of the legendary Bernabe Ferreyra who played most of his career for River Plate. Ferreyra was adored by fans and would win the Argentine Championship on 3 occasions and would win the Copa America once in 1937.

Bernabe Ferreyra's signing was for $50,000 in 1932 when he moved from Tigre to River Plate. He would hold the record of most expensive transfer for 17 years. The introduction of Ferreyra was the start of River Plate as a dynasty in Argentinian football. Ferreyra is often considered the first idol of River Plate but is often overlooked by modern fans of the game.

An excellent article about how significant Bernabe Ferreyra was to the game is attached below.

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