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Teofilo Cubillas

Teofilo Cubillas is an idol in Peruvian football and often regarded as the Greatest Peruvian Footballer of All Time. Cubillas played as an attacking midfielder and was the top scorer of the Peruvian Descentralizado in 1966 at the age of 16 years old. At the age of 20 he was the talisman in the legendary 1970 Peruvian team that would make the Quarter Finals before being eliminated by the legendary Brazilian side led by Pele. In 1975, Cubillas and Sotil would go on to lead Peru to their second Copa America, immortalizing them in Peruvian football history. In 1978, Peru would once again make the Quarter Finals being led by Cubillas and Cueto. Cubillas would score an iconic free kick against Scotland, and earn the silver boot at the 1978 World Cup. To this day, Cubillas is still the top scoring midfielder in World Cup history.

1 x South American Footballer of the Year
1 x Copa America Best Player

2 x Peruvian Descentralizado
1 x Copa America

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